As I mentioned in part 2, the main reason for my investing in cryptocurrencies was to invest in an upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) namely Viberate.

As I waited for the day to arrive I did a little more research into other upcoming ICO’s and found another quite interesting opportunity to invest in an actual product which was to be Ultra-capacitors. The crypto-token was to be Farad (FRD) and production of the Ultra-capacitors would begin in October 2017, this sounded unique in the ICO space so I decided to split my investment between Viberate (1.45 ETH) and Farad (1.0 ETH).

So the day arrived to invest in Viberate, I had my wallet at the ready and it was 15 minutes to go before the launch so I went off to grab a quick coffee. When I got back to my PC I was panicked to see the crowdsale had started some 4-5 minutes before the scheduled time which I am quite sure should have been 12.00 UTC (correct me if I’m wrong Viberate!).

I quickly copied the contract address from the website and logged into to send the 1.45 ETH and waited for the transaction result.

Viberate transaction

To my dismay the crowdsale ended within 4 minutes! My ETH even though it was sent in time was rejected due to the funding cap and I was one unhappy person.

Viberate ICO

What got me is that there were 657 contributors who between them invested $10,714,285 that works out as an average of $16,307 for each contributor!, not your average small time investor then.

With Viberate out of the picture I participated in the Farad cryptotoken sale by investing 1 ETH for which I received around 1600 FRD. This crowdsale seemed to be going a little slow with only 20,000 ETH invested which may be a sign of a poor investment but we shall see.

With 1.6 ETH left, my next investment was going to be KickICO which promises to “help innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality” source

I needed to save a little ETH to cover GAS fees etc so my investment would be 1.5 ETH for which I received 4500 KC.


As of the 12/09/2017 the KickICO had raised 71,659 ETH or around $21,000,000 which possibly indicates that there is a good deal of interest and optimism in what the company is attempting to achieve.

As a newcomer to cryptocurrencies and ICO’s I found it was essential to do some research into the companies, there is a good guide on with helpful tips and tricks on ICO investing.

I will be providing a monthly portfolio update at the end of each month which will compare the current prices of my investments and the value of 2.62 ETH had I not invested into other crypto coins and tokens.



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